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joining us. have a great night. >> good evening thank you for being with us president obama and italy's policies are no more coherent united to and a half years ago when he insisted on an mubarak departure from power there clear lack of policy led to his overthrow the muslim brotherhood ascension to power in now and the secular military removal of the egyptian military removal of mohammad morsi and now the deadly clash between security forces and morsi supporters. the white house again today refused to make knowledge whether they will continue to send a to the egyptian
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government and military that has reportedly killed hundreds of morsi demonstrators since last week but those questions that play in the muslim brotherhood for the torching , looting and destruction with those churches and josh ernest told the white house press corps today that a decision on aid to egypt has been set aside to contrast the white house position at two years ago when mubarak was in power president obama himself for in the end to cut off a billion and a half dollars of aid if his government did not meet the obama administration demands. the egyptian officials today's the order that it
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mubarak be released from jail after he has been in prison for just over two years for our prosecutor cleared him of a corruption charge, the former president's release stoking fears the muslim brotherhood will break up the already ashley violence. the brotherhood forces have been clashing with the military targeting police officers torching dozens of churches prompting a contradictory response from the white house. >> mubarak is part of the ongoing egyptian legal process and was charged with crimes and is in the midst of the legal process. because that is internal to egypt i cannot comment but in the case of mr. morsi what we see it is clear there politically you motivated detention not in line with the human rights standards we expect of a government.
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dennis: from the same white house that just last week were not choosing sides in egypt we will take this up tonight with former pentagon official katy mcfarland along with the author of the new book the brotherhood america's next great enemy. joining us tonight. the overthrow of morsi and the onset of violence in cairo has led to erratic and contradictory statements and policies in the response of the white house. many republicans and democrats in congress have been no less a confounding. our chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> just back from vacation obama is immediately facing pressure to deal with a spiraling situation in egypt with chuck hagel declaring the violence must end although he quickly added the administration believes
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it has little leverage. >> ability to influence the outcome is limited. it is up to the egyptian people. they are a large in great sovereign nation. it will be there responsibility to sort this out. >> key republicans disagree in they say it is time to cut off the 1.$3 billion of military aid provided to egypt each yeer. >> we have no credibility we have influence when you do not use that you do not have it. >> we're not using the hearts and minds of each of you have a failed state we will have to suspend our a we cannot support the reaction of the military. >> while they said they review -- reviewing every aspect of president has only an ounce to suspend military
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exercise to halt the delivery of fighter planes over deliberations over cutting off the bigger package of the eighth. >> that is the purpose to see that as impact of national security and will it get us closer to seeing the outcome be but like to see which is a prompt return to a democratically elected civilian government? >> in getting cover saying cutting aid is a good -- a big mistake. >> there is no good guidance but to check the american interest if we work with the military and continue our relationship. >> doesn't matter much anyway? with a $12 billion poured into egypt in just the last month. >> no question and we overestimated our leverage andover estimated the leverage of saudi arabia
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having on this government. >> but talking about the middle class the prices of egypt is another example of outside the event overshadowing the second term agenda so now more on egypt with the egyptian military will crash of the muslim brotherhood and author of the newly released book, the brotherhood. thank you for being here. let me start with you. of the adl that this president but to return to the democratically a love elected government what they say they do not want any
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more after one year. but to establish some kind of order you have chaos by south introduction by the way set up that we were for the mubarak government and then for the of military government. lou: thank you for that it is a third person reference to the obama administration ended your book you call for a move to a the brotherhood as the next great enemy given with what we have witnessed you have compelling new evidence to support yourrview. >> this is the granddaddy of them all with modern islamic terrorist they created how
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moscow actually make the point in 1928 there would have been notified 11 i say that without hesitation, the jake mohammad of the masterminds behind that attacked belonged to the brotherhood before they formed al qaeda it is the gateway drug to an islamic terrorism that is why i am astounded when they hear the white house mention the muslim brotherhood and human rights in the same sentence. they are fundamentally incompatible it would ever forces are fighting against radical islamist we should be in their corner. >> pointing addition left his support for mubarak's or mohammad morsi or the secular military led by the
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general, this is the administration that doesn't seem to be rigorous to show any kind of reverence to history's teachings. >> there is a lot of transitional fought but no overarching strategic vision i say we are put intoevery civil war of the middle east we're in the middle of it because we need their oil if we get energy independence and we don't need their oil we don't need to be in the middle of these fights. lou: certainly the egyptian people would be happy of great magnitude but poverty is immense in egypt and that is why the number of the arab states are sending billions upon billions of
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dollars but i want to turn to egypt that senator corker brought up that the powers that be at the united states senate, the white house house, republicans and democrats over estimate the united states to exert its will to any part of the united states how could anyone possibly over estimate our influence after 12 years of war under estimate the potential the danger for disaster that results? >> it is astounding. we have the obama administration and mccain and gramm the influences when $.4 billion to the egyptian government but with that will factor the suez canal that egypt controlled
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78% of the oil and liquefied gas passes through on the way to europe and america if the suez is targeted by the brotherhood every american will feel that in their pocketbook everytime they go to the pomp and fill up wheel and gas prices will skyrocket and also don't forget the sinai peninsula is the al qaeda as a hotbed and a tax air-launched there against israel that could spill over egypt's borders into a whiter conflict than whole global economy will feel it. lou: more troubling to me if i may be provincial we have sufficient energy to forestall any possibility to be an impact for the embargo or the disruption but what
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does bother me is a set of leaders, this president senator mccain and senator graham to pronounce each of done worthy of our aid instead of talking constructively about with the natural ally of the united states a secular military that is suppressing radical islamist with the muslim brotherhood and their affiliated organizations. >> also the group keeping peace for 40 years i looked at senator mccain i have a lot of respect for him but i don't think he is right on syria or libya or the us. lou: mike ago thrale a longer list mckee in fine gold, and became kennedy. the list goes on. i will give you the last word to wrap up.
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>> i think this will get worse before it gets better there is a real possibility of civil war in egypt the muslim brotherhood will not go quietly. they waited for decades to get to this moment where they could be in control. they are a violent jihad group and inherently anti-american we should be on this side of the military but i don't think it will happen but this will get bloodier. lou: 54v with us. we recommend his brookline the to you. -- his book to you. we will keep up with america is a potential role of the conflict. we will be right back. securing the border before tackling immigration legislation?
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lou: three republican in congressman took the border patrol guided tour of the texas slavish mexico border last week by before the expected vote on the security bowl -- build of control of our border with no less than the editors and apprehension rate on the entire border over five years. our correspondent has our report. >> from a helicopter i of the of the border. >> we need to know the real
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problem. >> recently leading a congressional tour of the border to help colleagues understand the challenges. >> i was surprised how shallow the water is and how easy and quickly somebody could get across the border. >> we need to look at the national strategy and comprehensive way. >> it is dramatic from the policy of the frustration that prohibits local police to help enforce the border. >> it is not just to call it eight days. >> it this focus is the border security but does not provide a pathway to citizenship. >> when you say border security before immigration reform is a political tactic it is a way to say we will present a nearly impossible goal to negotiate. >> many agents support the
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bill that requires 80 percent apprehension success rate and some consider that a realistic. >> talking to the agents that are there day in and day out they don't see thieves under control. it is a slap in the face for them to grant status to people who have broken the law. >> once you enforce one area they move to another. right and it is east texas now allows lawmakers to tackle other aspects of immigration reform. of course, with compromising with the senate so in midi ways it is the gateway expecting a vote in september or early october. lou: thank you. illinois democratic governor quinn signed the extensive gun control measure into law expanding background checks to cover all firearm purchases of the state including gun sales between private parties.
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also and the lost or stolen firearms have to we reported within 72 hours and more than 20 teachers and staff at the arkansas schools say they are outraged after the state's democratic attorney general blocked a planned to allow them to carry concealed weapons to protect the students they underwent 53 hours of trading in hopes to deter any potential school shooters and protecting their students. turning to wall street stocks fell for the fourth consecutive session the dow was down 71 points the s&p lost 10 in the nasdaq is down 14 points the volume on the big board at 2.9 billion shares. with the sign of growing optimism reid max holdings filing for the initial public offering of $100 million in hedge fund richer agreed to and
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$80 million fine and a bantus settle sec charges he improperly used money from the hedge fund that unfairly favored some investors. now to the weekend box office where the butler easily took the top spot. the company civil-rights drama capitalized on the marketing power of oprah winfrey began in $25 million which was about the budget. and warner brothers comedy we are the millers held its second place last week's number one dropped to third at just under $40 million. the liberal national media point team to republican party infighting looking for vulnerabilities we will show you why it is a real problem
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lou: senator rand paul firing another one of his intra party feud with chris christie. here is senator paul on fox news sunday. >> the party is big enough for both of us and a lot of republicans in fact, this all started with him as saying we don't have room for libertarian republicans. but that is how we grow the party. lou: paul and christie are not shy about them challenge each other the longer they debate and the feud rages on the more the mainstream liberal media focuses on the republican principles of the party and good luck to democrats the party of the incumbent precedence is shellacked in the elections but they're not taking notes that the -- sit there no
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longer part of a party he and it will be interesting to see the public reaction over time of the one second term president has seen his party makes the midterm gains in car -- conference since 1865 the president was bill clinton many more are up for reelection than republicans and 21 democrats compared f-14 for the republicans and the democrats nor republicans have a claim on popularity actually 40 percent say the democratic party is on favorable just after last year's elections and by comparison 53% says the g.o.p. favorably from last
7:27 pm
november but the mainstream liberal media doesn't give that much attention to some very public democratic spats one of the most vulnerable democrats up for reelection next year tells "politico"'' and the president obama has a hard left agenda in various ways. that agenda is not popular in our state and a lot of that agenda i don't support. , the most popular democrat in the country is not president obama former and then the figureillary for the odds on favorite the robert gives seems to be concerned about hillary but
7:28 pm
he made a has something to do with the second term agenda? >> of the campaign becomes an extension of her husband's term or the current president's term i completely agree on a and floored she has decided to enter so quickly. lou: a strategist? i love it. hillary clinton must be moved for his former boss and canada and obamacare with another scathing editorial this time "the chicago tribune" turning blown their home town hero saying'' about obamacare, bottom line let's delay and rewrite this ill-conceived wall. lou: editorials like that not only hurt obama with the
7:29 pm
president's chances to help any democrats up for reelection next year so that fight everyone is focused on , be honest, it is a minor item compared to what could happen to the democrats in 2014. ted cruz does the unimaginable releasing the birth certificate before announcing his candidacy and joe biting gets his team ready for the white house run has the 2016 campaign already begun? next. you make a great team.
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lou: in new york three hometown newspapers find common ground all hate comptroller candidate in anthony spitzer. the new york daily news, new york post, "the new york times" endorsed his opponent
7:33 pm
over the weekend. the post even pokes fun at him for wearing socks during the extramarital affairs telling voters to sock it to spitzer but he however holds a 19.lead in the latest quinnipiac poll. new york be ashamed and the embattled city diego mayor returned to work after going to a two week behavior therapy program as a growing sexual harassment series of harassments 81% of sid diego residents want him to resign those looking to have him to we recalled need more than one 1000's founded the signatures and they should have those by monday. joining us now we have the "a team" in the looks like
7:34 pm
spitzer will win despite the protest of the three newspapers. >> i think before we annoy timothy c. impact of the editorials has yet to we felt the black leaders in new york are rallying support for scott stringer. i think ultimately he will win but and also anthony weeder. >> not so much anymore spinet but proportionally. >> but i think he is in a tougher race because i have been around a long time i have never see the editorial club. >> it is less about the
7:35 pm
hookers and the socks but they all hit on when that he abused his office in his power. lou: did the york times was cheering him on even though he did not prevail against any charges in wall street. he is something calls. >> a liar and pager bag? i will say that. >> you are both right. >> abuse of power brings us to the white house. i have to say there is no more confusion. have not seen this surrounding foreign policy issue as the obama lighthouse focusing on egypt to be as well as said earlier this whitehouse was
7:36 pm
for mubarak before it was against them for morsi before they were against him and for the secular military what kind of mindless nonsense is this on the part of the white house? >> we haven't got one choice to throw our luck with the military that you suggested gives us the best use to salvage our interest in the middle east and throughout the region but bottom line this administration is incoherent. lou: i detect there is a comfort zone that it could not end with al qaeda and radical islamist and never look back.
7:37 pm
are they so absolutely diluted? >> i agree. i have been talking about this over the last several years this administration has actively supported the rise of the islamist from egypt to libya to tunisia even syria in even are being a these troubles that are part of the muslim brotherhood. >> but the militants of are now and that they are terrorists to watch that ap walk away or the white house even for crying out loud. the you cannot even use those words together. with the first international speech mubarak was still in
7:38 pm
office the muslim brotherhood was technically outlawed and president obama invited the top level members to that speech was mubarak was gone we have top-level brotherhood walking through the white house so you know reid his sympathies are and where they remain. lou: said the fees we seek to have a clash building between hillary clinton and joe biden and anyone else that wants to step bin. >> this nomination. lou: i in any way colored by a monday. >> i am a big supporter of the clintons i raised money for the foundation but i have not taken a dime from hillary clinton at all but she will be the nominee if she runs i think joe biden is positioning himself on the chance that she decides her house, politics, personal, n ot to run then he will ride.
7:39 pm
lou: i thought you were going to say cpb vice president of perpetuity are there term limits for the vice president? does anyone know? i do not know. control room, they get on it >> hillary clinton i agree will be the nominee may be even president but she has to waves of good will neither which are deserved a very real she was humiliated by her husband and secondly by barack obama both men went on to become president and people want to make it up to her. i am telling you. it is real. lou: the unfaithful husband and the overambitious he wes senator. >> there also running against bill clinton and that is a tough nut to crack >> from the view of following this conversation
7:40 pm
there are no term limits for vice presidents joe biden biden, have had it. [laughter] so talk about rand paul and chris christie having a feud , a think this is one of the greatest things to happen to the republican party. the implication from the left that no party should have the real debate, a real conversation or a dialogue that this is nonsense. >> a democrat who like to see hillary clinton is elected to have that circular fire. lou: if you think orthodoxy will work any better for the democrats than it did for the republicans 2012. >> but it will continue if
7:41 pm
the republicans use attack one another. >> it is very healthy for the republican party and i think christie does this to a car about a primary position as the moderate position if jeb bush decides to run. lou: you save jeb bush runs as the conservative? >> he will be running as a moderate so chris christie is picking a fight with rand paul to be the primary moderate choice. lou: that may be very insightful. >> thank you. lou: up next four consecutive losing days for the markets but all is not lost. chase baying economist anthony chan is next.
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♪ lou: the dow and the s&p posting their first four day losing streak of the year. joining us now, chief economist. great to have you with us. four losing days for the first time, kind of impressive really. scary seemingly to a number of investors. your thoughts? >> again, we have seen this. now we are seeing is a little bit of a pullback. you're still seeing a very healthy performance for the year. at least in my mind something to worry about. lou: year from a number of business news outlets clacking like a bunch of fan the doom that is awaiting this.
7:46 pm
the sky will fall. how is that -- but the idea that things are terrible. >> we lost over a million jobs during the financial crisis. that was terrible. we have now created over six and a half million and continue to create the manifest a pace. last month alone we created 162,000. oslo growing economic expansion, but those tend to be the ones that last. lou: frustratingly slow. an administration that does not seem to find it necessary to a extol the virtues of either free enterprise. you know, you just want to cry out. strong, positive, direct to the business community. do you think that we're going to see a change in atmospherics? strength that is going to be so
7:47 pm
significant that it will create the sustainable who amount of growth and prosperity? >> i wish i could say that that will happen over the near term, but the reality is this year we're going to grow a little bit less than 2%. if we continue along this path we will get to two and a half%, but we are both in agreement. high levels of unemployment and the number of people that is still unemployed, we really need to be growing faster. lou: as you say, too damn slow, but it's a lot better than contraction. just remaining static. as we look at these markets, we have been hearing a lot of talk about a great rotation of the market. moving into the equities market. we have seen of the the last few months some evidence of that, but not overwhelming. you know, still significant numbers. what is your outlook for the rotation? >> the rotation is suddenly
7:48 pm
taking place at a snail's pace. we continue this money going. but what people did not realize is that the money going into the bond market is going to short duration fixed income. and the reason for it, as the federal reserve started to taper , stops stimulating or pushing interest rates lower, people are stuck in long duration bonds will lose money and i suspect we will continue to see long-term bond yields going 30 to 50 basis points. billionaire investor carl icon. twitter account. all things digital. senior editor icon and apple. and more.
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♪ lou: facebook founder finding himself the target of a hacker, a palestinian man. he said repeatedly, ignored allowing anyone to post. even if there were not friends. joining us now, senior editor for all things the and digital this is. and i rate user because you wanted to report a flaw. >> exactly. this is part of this book's program where they pay people of the $500 for reporting. the will, microsoft. happens to the palestinian. part of what i'm hearing.
7:53 pm
did not quite follow up exactly right away. and he did not get an immediate response he was not satisfied with that and tried to demonstrate the floor by posting to a the ceos will. lou: the stock is still up to ipo levels. >> the stock did not move from reaction to this at all. this is the sort of thing that may be another year the young remarks uttered by an appreciate and respect it. lou: when he was in his teens. >> are still at harvard. lou: one of the things that is fascinating to me is that carl icahn has disclosed his stake in apple. he has watched the depreciation of a percent of the stock. i know they said that's really nice and you can go ahead. put your public notices upon social media. but this little reference to getting people in indication
7:54 pm
that you're going to do that. >> he did that in a filing. he did report that. he won the share his ideas with investors. his favorite tool. his favorite toy really. using twitter to harass michael dell in the takeover battle. but he's losing that court battle. >> so far it seems that the case. the courts turned away. an attempt to expedite hearings that would throw the voting off on the leveraged buyout that michael and silverlake had proposed to take that private. whatever court case if he ever prevailed the men will have to be after the fact. lou: see as a way of prevailing. >> the other makes my own guess what he wants. he says he would like to take over dell and managed differently. i think the odds are going against that right now. lou: when you let the earnings,
7:55 pm
the margins, the prospects that dell has and no one can argue with that. a terrific and entrepreneur, but it's a tough slide right now for that company. >> is not going to be easy at all. part of the reason that the margins are down is because they're acting like they are private company already and accepting smaller margins. lou: and as you look at what is coming now over the 8%, 1 has the feeling that is point to get a little bigger, especially with some of the early iphone buzz is correct. what are your thoughts? >> we heard today and my colleague reported that the golden iphone is apparently true. there will be a new iphone sporting a gold few probably other technical features. we don't know what those will be lou: it has to have a little more. >> a new color.
7:56 pm
we have had static black-and-white for a long time. come along son to get the one right. lou: when your thinking this new iphone, a little bit of a problem to get to white. >> it was actually complicated. it did not have the quality. it was difficult to manufacture. lou: any sensible we're going to see? i have to be honest, i have a samsung and an apple. iphone and a galaxy. as i once the technology play out. >> one thing we will see in the new operating system, they preheat that i ls seven. new features. what we don't know exactly yet is will there be new security features. fingerprints' cantors, voice security or other things. those we don't know yet. we do know that it's coming and we know the date.
7:57 pm
september 10th. lou: you heard it right here. thank you very much. all things digital. thank you. that's it for us. we will see you tomorrow. insti make a point of it please. good night from new york. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not r use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. or changes in body hair tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; serious side effects could include increased risk decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing whilsleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied,
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increased d blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron.
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>> here is how things are looking for the airlines. welcome, everyone. i am near neil cavuto. ending their bid to push aside and other union to represent this block. american airlines and u.s. airways are merging. apparently the teamsters didn't want to get into the middle of fighting with another union. or maybe the real reason is the teamsters that it wasn't worth the effort anyway. remember that it was rising labor costs are brought these two

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